We AMPLIFY student voices, ENCOURAGE online sharing of student work, and CATALYZE conversations about classroom innovation in Oklahoma schools. Join us!

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The #OklaEd community started during a session at the 2014 EdCampOKC conference in Oklahoma City. Since that time, weekly Twitter chats at 8 pm on Sunday nights have brought and continue to bring Oklahoma educators from around our state together to network, collaborate, and share.

The idea of a “team blog” website serving as “a space to celebrate innovative and successful student learning” was discussed at EdCampOKC in March 2015, and launched in July 2015 at EdCampEOC.

Members of the #OklaEd community started this “OklaEd Learning Showcase” website in May 2015 to:

  1. Amplify student voices in Oklahoma classrooms
  2. Encourage more Oklahoma educators and students to share their learning online
  3. Catalyze conversations about classroom innovation

While education is inherently political, the “OklaEd Learning Showcase” is not focused on legislation or educational policy. Modeled on the Yukon Public Schools Learning Showcase website (active from December 2011 through May 2013) our focus is to provide a space to celebrate innovative and successful student learning.

We encourage everyone to share links to posts on the OklaEd Learning Showcase on social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others!

Have you taught an innovative lesson recently? Have you seen an Oklahoma teacher lead an innovative lesson? Have students published digital work as a result of a creative classroom lesson? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider sharing that idea with links to lesson resources and student digital work here!

Technical Stuff

This website runs WordPress and is hosted freely for the #OklaEd community by Wesley Fryer. Direct technical questions about the site to Wes. The site uses the free theme Smartline Lite. The following free WordPress plugins facilitate our team blog:

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