Welcome to the OklaEd Learning Showcase

Welcome to the OklaEd Learning Showcase! In the weeks, months, and years ahead, it’s my hope this site will serve as a catalyst to:

  1. AMPLIFY student voices
  2. ENCOURAGE online sharing of student work, and
  3. CATALYZE conversations about classroom innovation in Oklahoma schools

I encourage you to learn more about this site and project by reading the About page and the Policies and Forms page. Also please follow @OklaEdShowcase on Twitter. Approved posts to our site are automatically shared on our Twitter channel with the #OklaEd hashtag.

Posts on the OklaEd Learning Showcase do NOT have to include videos, but they certainly can! At a minimum, posts should include several sentences about student work and at least one accompanying photo. Include links to student work if possible.

To see a good example of what a Learning Showcase post can be, check out the May 2013 entry on the Yukon Public Schools’ Learning Showcase website, “3rd Graders Research Animals with 4 iPads, AudioBoo and PebbleGo.” The 5 minute video included on the post was shot and edited using iMovie on an iPad.

Please share this website and these posts with others, using social media, email, and other means. This project is all about AMPLIFYING student work! We need your help to do this.

Please also consider becoming a contributor to the OklaEd Learning Showcase. If you have questions about the site, please contact me using this electronic form or via Twitter @wfryer.